an inside look at mps i

An Inside Look at MPS I

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Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) are a group of rare inherited diseases. Rare diseases often lack authentic, age-appropriate, and evidenced-based resources to explain complex medical conditions in engaging ways. Thankfully, this MPS video combines the experiences of Kali, a college student with MPS I, alongside immersive computer-generated imagery. Blending an interview with computer-generated imagery, the video lets Kali share her experiences of living with MPS I and highlights how invisible her chronic disease can be to others. Diving into the body, we use powerful, visual storytelling to take an "inside look" at the cellular level, where the pathophysiology of the condition is explained. By combining both modalities - live-action video footage and CGI animation at a microcellular level - the totality of MPS I is conveyed, in terms of understanding both the mechanism of the disease and the experience of living with it. As Kali expresses in the video so poignantly, "MPS I is a part of you, not all of you."