Behavioral / Mental Health

Programs about mental illness and mental health conditions; depression and anxiety; abuse or violence; addiction and recovery (tobacco, alcohol, opioids, gambling or other addictions).

Caregiving / Home Health

Programs about the challenges faced by volunteers, family and professional caregivers, and their patients, in both the home and community settings

Children's Health

Programs for or about children; issues, innovations and topics specifically related to children’s health (neonatal, pediatric, adolescent/teen, etc.)

Chronic Conditions

Living with chronic conditions; risk factors, prevention, management, treatment. (Includes but not limited to caregiving, Alzheimer's, autism, auto-immune diseases, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc.)

Disruptors in Healthcare

Ground-breaking, game-changing products /services / technology that impact important aspects of health and well-being; tackling health taboos; profiles on outstanding, leading innovators in healthcare.

Health Activism / Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Programs for and about health activism, including prevention, disease outbreaks, disaster relief and recovery related to natural disasters, gun safety, bullying, sexuality and gender identity, and other issues that affect public/community health.

Health/Science: News

News coverage of health, science, medical topics or subject matter.

Time limit: 10 minutes

Health/Science: Program/Special

Program or a special that covers health, science, medical topics or subject matter.

Healthy Living

Overall well-being including healthy lifestyle choices, stress reduction, complementary and integrative medicine. (Includes but not limited to fitness & exercise, nutrition & diet, population health, senior health, and stories about people sharing care, etc.).

Men's Health

Programs for or about health issues specific and unique to men; includes all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and social-economic status

Pet Health

Programs related to pets and human connection, including: pet health, pet ownership, pet therapy, service animals, etc.

Social Storyteller

Individuals, channels, and/or accounts impacting health and wellness through social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, etc.).

Women's Health

Programs for or about women; issues, innovations and topics specifically related to women’s health.