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angelica hale heart your kidneys psa

Angelica Hale, Heart Your Kidneys PSA

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According to the Institute of Medicine, 95% of Americans don't eat enough fiber. Yet, we know that increased fiber intake is medically proven to help decrease some of the most common diseases plaguing our country. Chuice is reinventing the way we eat well while on-the-go, empowering people with a product and education to help address this. We've collaborated with researchers at GSU who are pioneering understanding of the human microbiome, especially the effects of prebiotic fiber. Portions of their research using Chuice in their lab was presented to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation this past summer. Our goal is to reinvent our concept of fast food as we see it today and turn it into something that can promote disease prevention and make it easier for everyday Americans to consume more fiber through whole plants.