angelica hale heart your kidneys psa

Angelica Hale, Heart Your Kidneys PSA

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Did you know that kidneys are the foundation for a healthy heart? NKF’s “Heart Your Kidneys” public awareness campaign aims to increase knowledge about, and concern for, kidneys to the level of the body’s other, better-understood, vital organs, such as the heart. As part of this initiative, NKF partnered with 11-year-old America’s Got Talent singer and kidney transplant recipient Angelica Hale in this 30-second PSA. “When I was 4, I got a transplant from my mom to save my life. So, I know how important kidneys are,” she says in the inspiring and informative video. At age 4, Angelica’s kidneys failed. Her mother, Eva Hale, donated one of her own kidneys to her daughter to save her life. Today, both mother and daughter are healthy. Angelica’s story is a reminder that when your kidneys stop working, so do you. Dialysis or a transplant is needed just to stay alive. To “Heart Your Kidneys,” Angelica offers these tips during the PSA: “Eat right, exercise, drink water, and keep your kidneys healthy, because whatever you’re good at, there’s only ONE YOU!”