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Caregiver Self-Care: Physical Activity

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Rapid advances in care for cancer patients have increased the caregiving responsibilities and needs of families. Given the shift from in-patient to outpatient cancer care and shorter hospital stays, reliance on family members or friends has become an essential extension of the health care team. Caregivers embody multiple roles of managing a home and family, as well as employment demands, and they often feel overwhelmed with the enormity of responsibilities, which can contribute to high levels of caregiver burden. "It has been well-established in the literature that physical activity relieves stress, depression, and anxiety. While the reality of limited time is seen as a barrier to implementing intentional physical activity into their schedules, caregivers have reported a large benefit from it. This video details the beneficial impact physical activity has for caregivers of cancer patients." The Caregiver Self-Care: Physical Activity video includes 6 practical tips for caregivers with demonstrations of some activities featuring a registered nurse and personal trainer as the narrator of the content. This video is part of the American Cancer Society's Caregiver Support Video Series (, which currently includes 6 videos (5 self-care; 1 advocacy) and we will be adding 6 more by Spring 2019. The Series was developed to fill gaps identified in the literature related to at-home care for cancer caregivers with the focus on both psychosocial and physical care experiences.