google fit heart points and american heart association

Google Fit ‘Heart Points’ and American Heart Association

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The American Heart Association's Center for Health Technology & Innovation teamed up with Google to redesign Google Fit. As part of the redesign, Google created 'Heart Points,' a new measure of physical activity based on the Association's physical activity recommendations. Google Fit users earn one Heart Point for each minute of moderately intense activity like picking up the pace while walking your dog, and double Heart Points for more intense activities like running or playing basketball. Google Fit's Heart Points enhance physical activity tracking based on the Association's recommendations on cardiorespiratory fitness by accounting for both the intensity of physical activity as well as the amount of physical activity. Google's translation of the Association's evidence-based recommendations into a new measure of physical activity called, Heart Points, is not only innovation because it added a new, evidence-based measure of physical activity tracking to the marketplace, but also because it created a new, easy way for everyday consumers to adhere to recommendations that could potentially improve heart health. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death nationwide. Being more active can help lower blood pressure, boost levels of good cholesterol, improve blood flow and keep weight under control.