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The Gripbell is an innovative piece of exercise equipment that comes in targeted weight sizes. Like the kettle bell, yet safer, its center of mass can be extended beyond the hand – facilitating ballistic movement, fostering power. It's similar to free weights because it comes in different sizes and provides the unstable force that's key to the effective strength training.

The Gripbell is an all-in-one-device so simple and yet so innovative, that it will change the way you approach fitness. The backstory to this video is also interesting and a tribute to the deaf community. The inventor, entrepreneur Mark Wood, has been hearing impaired since birth. The video itself features reality star Nyle DiMarco, winner of America's Next Top Model (Cycle 22) and winner of ABC's Dancing with the Stars (Season 22), who has also been deaf since birth. Both men use their platforms as advocates for the creating awareness around the deaf culture.