healthy living video shorts

Healthy Living Video Shorts

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This regular series of very short videos is designed to help people understand important concepts about health, nutrition and well-being -- and hopefully take action. These videos very quickly convey useful information to help people improve their cardiovascular health. This is critical because heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death in the world. These diseases often can be avoided through behavior change that reduces risk, and education is key to making that happen. All videos are reviewed by science and medicine experts for accuracy. These videos are designed to reinforce the American Heart Association's many other efforts to help people improve their health. The videos are developed for social media channels but are also used on other American Heart Association properties, shared with external partners and displayed internally for the AHA's over 3,000 employees. The videos are produced by Patty Calderon, Katie Fairbank, Lucy Soto, Melissa Weber and John McFarland.