debunking depression harnessing your hardwired nature to be happy

Debunking Depression: Harnessing Your Hardwired Nature to Be Happy

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Tens of millions of people in the U.S. are diagnosed with depression each year, yet it is tragically misunderstood, even by those who suffer from it. This can be chalked up to the inaccessibility of affordable mental healthcare, the lack of engaging & credentialed educational resources available to consumers, and the resulting stigma surrounding mental health. Right now, people "search, pay, and pray" for mental health information - they SEARCH online on websites that may or may not be trustworthy, PAY for services that they aren't sure will work, & PRAY that they'll get better. MedCircle aims to fix that broken process through in-depth expert interview series that are hopeful, heartfelt, engaging, and credentialed - and provide actionable advice that patients and supporters alike can implement TODAY. In this series, MedCircle sat down with leading depression expert and psychiatrist, Dr. Sue Varma. She breaks down the stigma surrounding depression, provides an in-depth understanding of the disorder, discusses the causes & risk factors, sheds light on the diagnostic process for depression, provides actionable advice for supporters, shares treatment tips & options, and more.