the gift of life

The Gift of Life

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Mark was first diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer at the age of 11. When they removed his right lung, they told him he was cured, and he moved on with his life. In college he met Elizabeth and they quickly knew they wanted to be together forever. Mark told her all about his disease when he was a kid and she asked him if he thought it could ever come back. He told her it wouldn't. But when he was 26, he started having symptoms again and soon found himself back in the same fight he was in 15 years before. Elizabeth stood by his side, reassuring him that they get through it together. Once they were able to manage his disease, she wanted to continue life and have the kids they'd always dreamed about, but Mark was scared. He didn't want to have children and then leave them without a father. Elizabeth persisted, telling Mark that she still wanted his children and promising him that he'd be the great father he always wanted to be. Now they have three beautiful children and Mark is the happiest he's ever been.