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This Is Living With Cancer

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In late 2017, Pfizer launched This is Living With Cancer (TLWC), a program designed to share inspirational stories of real people living with cancer and to provide an app, called LivingWith, to help manage life with cancer. At the start of 2018 on World Cancer Day, we completed 100 days of inspiration - a social media campaign designed to raise awareness about the program and encourage people to get involved via the program's social channels. During the 100 days we shared stories, resources and tips designed to inspire those living with cancer, and highlighted elements of the program's feature documentary. 60k new followers began following TLWC's Facebook and Instagram channels as a result. Our patient ambassadors then hit the road and spoke at a number of venues, including a standing room only session at the Oncology Nursing Society's annual meeting. The patients shared how technology, like LivingWith, has helped redefine life with cancer, and tips for people going through similar situations. This also resulted in an increase of downloads of LivingWith, providing patients and caregivers the ability stays in touch via a circle of support, help keep track of their wellbeing, and get organized by keeping key documents in one place including records, doctors' appointments and questions for healthcare providers. The entire program centers on the goal of telling the patient story and helping patients live with cancer. A snapshot of the program and its mission can be found here: