Mark Grayson, Esq.

Pharmaceutical Industry Executive

Mark Grayson is currently advising small biopharmaceutical companies on healthcare education campaigns.  He recently retired from PhRMA after more than 30 years. As deputy VP for public affairs, Mark helped implement strategies the industry used in the pricing discussions, access to HIV medicines and the industry image.  He also implemented programs that highlighted company patient assistance programs in the U.S. and access to medicine programs around the world.  Early on, Mark developed and edited the ongoing Medicines in Development series for the industry. For the last 10 years Mark led the public affairs efforts internationally on intellectual property and non-communicable diseases (NCD) issues. Mark served as the industry spokesman on many of the current issues facing the industry today. 

Prior to PhRMA, Mark was an executive with Hill and Knowlton and lawyer at the U.S. Department of Commerce.