Cherie Faiella

Global Strategist

Cherie has worked as a global leader and geopolitical strategist based in Paris over the past four years at EY. In addition, she has been at the forefront of international development for many more years. As EYs Global Client Partner for The World Bank Group, Cherie consulted with local governments and private sector clients across emerging markets in Africa, India and the Middle East. In addition to government relationships, Cherie also brings significant experience in the life sciences and retail and consumer products sectors. Cherie has consulted closely at HQ with Pfizer, Novartis, and J&J as one of her strongest sectors in the USA and Switzerland. She joined EY in 1998. Prior to EY, Cherie was CEO of a Strategy Consulting Firm in San Francisco and NYC working with clients such as Edward S. Gordon and GE Investment. Cherie worked in RE development earlier in her career focused on Multifamily and Commercial Office development and management. She has held several board seats in Education, Entrepreneurship and Women’s Health. Cherie is credentialized in Advanced Business Strategy by INSEAD.