David Wasser

Executive Producer

White Coat Productions

David Wasser is Executive Producer for White Coat Productions.  A multiple Emmy Award-winning producer of top-rated series and documentaries and TV specials, he blends his passion for storytelling with pragmatism. 

A broadcast journalist by trade, David helped launch the RLTV cable channel.  As the network’s executive producer for health content his team produced more than 160 programs.  He created the critically acclaimed medical series Healthline and Whole Body Health hosted by Doctor Kevin Soden as well the documentaries Polio Revisited and the intimate Alzheimer’s epic To Not Fade Away.   His TV specials include Re-Think 50+ with Jane Pauley, Fix America” and Boomers- Welcome to Medicare with Deborah Norville.   During his tenure at RLTV David garnered more than two dozen industry awards.

A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, David started his career in local broadcast news for TV stations in Virginia, Arizona, Maryland, Georgia and Florida.  David later joined Medstar Television, producing syndicated medical news segments for affiliates and O & O’s across the nation.

David’s work has appeared on NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS and Voice of America.  He created the pilot for the PBS series, Frontiers of Medicine and went on to work as senior producer for the NBC originated, Hispanics Today; TLC’s, Medical Detectives; and the world renowned crime series, Forensic Files™.