Dianne Zimmerman

Dianne Zimmerman, RN, BSN

President and Founder

The Radiant Group, LLC

Dianne began her medical career as a pediatric OR and oncology nurse at Boston Children’s Hospital. This work provided the foundation for a career in the healthcare communications and pharmaceutical industry, engaged in medical conditions ranging from women’s health, diabetes, chronic and rare diseases. Dianne is a passionate medical communicator committed to fostering the healthcare professional to patient and caregiver conversation, building the platform for appropriate treatment interventions, improved adherence and, ultimately, improved patient health and wellness outcomes.

As a brand marketer at Pfizer, Dianne was on the professional launch team for Aricept, the first prescription treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. She led consumer education initiatives and an award-winning advertising campaign truly changing the landscape for this devastating disease.  Previously, she served as the national spokesperson for the Sharing the Care program, a Pfizer and National Governor’s Association public-private partnership, providing no cost access to all Pfizer prescription drugs.

Trained in health literacy practices, health and wellness coaching, and multicultural communications, Dianne is solidly committed to the importance of motivating behavior modification efforts that lead to improved patient compliance, adherence and overall health and well-being.  She recently completed the Narrative Medicine program at Kripalu and plans to share patient experiences supporting patient health journeys.  Previously, a Category Judge for The FREDDIE Awards, she is thrilled to join the Academy of Judges for the Sharecare Awards. An avid golfer and Patriots fan, Dianne resides in Massachusetts and enjoys frequent bi-coastal travel to SF and NY visiting her twins.