Megan Strub

Chief Commercial Officer

The Mighty

Megan has been working in health and patient empowerment for more than 20 years.  A longtime advocate of companion animals and their role in supporting human health, early in her career she worked as a dog trainer and a veterinary assistant.  In the 90s she pioneered DTC advertising with publications for people with HIV and women with cancer, with pets prominently featured in the supportive role of helping people manage longterm conditions.  In subsequent roles, she developed relationships within the pet industry to further explore the intrinsic value of pets in human health.  Today she runs the business side of a story telling engagement platform launched as a way for people to share their personal experiences of health, both triumph and challenge.  She continues to champion therapy dogs, both service and ESAs by raising awareness through The Mighty and on social media, featuring stories on therapy dogs and companion animals across all aspects of health.